Spooky Action

Taking inspiration from comics and musicals, draftsman Elk Paauw and composer Andrew Olmstead combine mediums to tell stories. All sound and art is produced by hand in real time. Each performance is a unique blend of audio-visual portraits, poem settings, and original theatrical illustrations.

"Bob Ross meets Fantasia."

Elk Paauw (illustrations)
Andrew Olmstead (synthesizer)


I've enjoyed performing with these David and Brandon almost as much as I've enjoyed rehearsing with them. We received international press on Hacker News, Reddit, Slashdot, Boing Boing, and many other publications for releasing our album Cycles Per Instruction as a Linux kernel module. Other nerd-cred comes from Brandon's custom light-based synthesizer, decoding network packets into sound, and teaching computers to mumble and speak lyrics via machine learning.

Brandon Lucia (percussion, computers)
David Balatero (cello, computers)
Andrew Olmstead (synthesizer)

Honey Noble

Singer-songwriter-friend Katie Jacobson writes amazing music and I get to play it. I find it to be an engaging mixture of potent lyrics and folk-rock-pop. The group's roots are in folk, but lately it's been morphing into something more eccentric and modern. Recent projects with the group include a theatrical piece with dancers and a set of original Christmas tunes, tongue firmly in cheek.

Katie Jacobson (vocals, songwriting)
Andrew Olmstead (keyboards)
Ivan Arteaga (saxophone, clarinet, keyboard)
Inge Chiles (guitar, vocals)
Abbey Blackwell (bass)
Evan Woodle (drum set)

Solo Performances

 My latest solo set featured original songs, magic tricks, old poems, audience participation,
 and setting youtube videos to music. I'm not sure what my next set will look like, but I
 hope to see you there.