![[spooky action sun ra - cropped.jpg]] ## šŸ‘‹ Hello! Hello! I'm a keyboardist and piano teacher in London, Ontario with a background in improvised music. Formerly an active part of the Seattle music scene, I helped present a weekly music series and worked with a local record label, [Table & Chairs Music](http://www.racersessions.com/tc-discography), and toured as a part of the cartoon band [Spooky Action](https://spookyaction.art) (pictured above). In addition to writing and performing my own solo work, I played regularly as a sideman in several other bands. I moved to Chicago at the beginning of 2019 in search of even more music and creativity, where I spun off my own private lesson business which I have taken with me to London. ## šŸŽ¹ Music lessons I currently teach students all the United States over Zoom, and my Canadian students both online and in-person. I love teaching piano students of all ages about performance, improvisation, collaboration with other musicians, and songwriting! [[Music Lessons | Read more about what lesson look like...]] ## āœ‰ļø Contact If you'd like to get in touch, please shoot me an email: [email protected]